Accounting Issue - Vendor Name / Voucher Payments

I have a vendor on my ERP with the ID of 49 (Digikey) that I have been trying to create vouchers for. Every time I successfully create the invoice, pull in the P.O. line items, and hit ‘Submit’, it changes the voucher directed toward ID 48. Vendor ID that is 48 is not an active vendor, so I thought to resolve the issue by deleting the vendor 48. Even after I did that, it still keeps defaulting to this; I then changed that deleted vendor name to “___DELETED DEXTER” but it is still happening.

This is difficult to work with because we pay Digikey at least once a week with hundreds of line items. Each time this happens I have to change the vendor name back to Digikey and also change it per line item. This is a very time consuming process.

Noah at Cetec ERP support told me to post this on the forum. Please address this bug because it is seriously impacting our business operations and I do not see any resolution that I can do manually. It took me hours to create a handful of vouchers as a result of this. I do not see a need to use the voucher import tool until this issue is resolved, please let me know.



I will escalate this issue internally. Thanks for submitting it. I’ll keep you updated.

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