Accounting issue VSCM

We were reviewing the ledger after 30060 was fixed and have found another issue. (original case number was 14437 which engineering is fixing)

Receiver 30061

was done on 5-30 but does not show on the ledger

it was posted on voucher 1585

paid on payment 463

need to know why it doesn’t show up on ledger

Hi, Carolyn,

First off, thank you for the description and links; that’s very helpful for us!

I’m seeing ledger entries connected to this receipt, dated 06-27:

Are you aware of these? I got to this page by starting at the PO receipt link, 30061, that you sent and clicking “Ledger” in the left side menu.

Cetec ERP Support

@CarolynT This issue appears to be a little more involved than we’re able to deal with in this format.
One of our support team will reach out to you directly over email, so that we can work on getting this cleaned up for you.