Add additional vendor term codes

Can you tell me how to add additional vendor term codes that we can pick from? We have the usual Net 10, Net 30, COD, Credit Card, etc., but I’d like to add a few new ones (i.e. 2% 10 Net 30). Thank you!! =)

Hi @NHaltiner, thanks for asking!

You can update your terms options by going to ADMIN » Maintenance » Data Maintenance » 9Terms.
From there you can add a new term or edit the existing ones. Please note that any changes to existing term entries that are already in use on objects in the system will require those objects to be reloaded before the new terms will take effect.

Example: You have an invoice that’s 60 days old and has Net30 terms set. You change Net 30 to include a credit hold at 45 days. In order for the system to push those updated terms to the invoice you’d need to click edit, and then update. You don’t have to change the terms selected, but you have to click update for the updated terms to take effect.

Let us know if you need any other assistance with this!