Adding Commissions to Invoice

We are able to add commissions to an order prior to invoicing then, when we invoice, the commission record will be displayed when selecting the COMMISSION sidebar menu selection.

We were able to add commissions after the invoice was generated and before payment is recorded and the record would display as well on the COMMISSION sidebar menu selection. However, we have noticed that is is now NOT displaying when commission was added. Can this be fixed? See the following URL and screenshot:

But the record IS shown in the Commission Breakdown. See the following:

@spilkington That is strange, not sure why those commissions wouldn’t be showing in the pop-up window from the invoice page.

We’ll take a look and see if we can figure out what’s going on there. We’ll get back to you about it as soon as we can.

@spilkington Engineering was able to get this taken care of. The fix is going through testing now, and will get pushed out to you as soon as it’s finished.

Until then you’ll want to continue referencing the invoice commissions report to verify which invoices have had commissions added.

Thank you for your quick action!