Additional Credit Card Fee

Is there a way to add an additional charge for CC fee on a sales order? …something opposite of a discount field? I could add this is an individual line item but was trying to avoid this…

Are there others already doing this? maybe i’m overlooking something simple…

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I’[ve noticed that there is a “MiscCharge” and “MiscChargeType” Page on the Maintenance screen. Can I use this feature to configure Credit card fees for Sales Orders?

The description says:

MiscChargeType Used to define misc charges that are aggregated on a Quote, like Tariffs

Hi @regisphilbin,

The best way to add those CC fees is to add them as a line item. You can create a processing fee prcpart, something like ZZZProcessingFee, and be sure to set it’s default transcode to charge so that it has no inventory impact.

MiscChargeType is used to inflate the resale on a quote when you are estimating a BOM. You try to get all of your costs, then set a resale from there. The misc charge lets you account for some of the odd costs that come up so you can set a decent resale on the quote line.

We also do things like tariff charges this way because you can set the misc charges to show not as part of the line cost total, but to show up as a separate charge line.