AP Payment Ledger Entry Error

I was correcting a “bad date” error from the validation report for AP Payment 7410:

But now when I go into my GL 2138 for the Credit Card account, my Ledger entries are no longer correct for that payment (near the bottom). Can you advise how I can correct this?

Hi Sherri,
Will be looking into this today as well as getting revolved on the net income delta between Bal Sheet & P&L. Will get right back to you.
CETEC ERP Customer Support

Sherri, in looking at the two splits for AP Pmt 7410, are you referring to there being two splits which total the full payment, as opposed to perhaps having seen one split only in the ledger for that AP Pmt 7410, prior to 4-11 update?
If so, I think what you may be looking for is called “summary view”…if you click on the ledger entry 126098, here:

you will be in the Edit ledger entry window, seen here:

Click on the “View with Documents/Notes” and in the updated screen click the “summary view” link in the upper left corner…the summary view will show the single split line to the CC account and AP acct, seen here:

The change in the splits occurred with the 4-11 update. If you would, experiment with the summary view option and let us know how that is working for you. OR if I have completely misinterpreted your question, let me know that as well. I may need a few more specifics if that is the case, thanks.
CETEC ERP Customer Support

I am returning back to this topic. I have a new credit card statement and the problem seems more clear to explain now. I completed Credit Account Reconcile 67 and reconciled APPayment 7410 for $662.15. Cetec ERP

But today I am doing Credit Account Reconcile 69 for a new month and the AP Payment 7410 for $662.15 remains on the list of unreconciled items - even though it was reconciled in the month before. Cetec ERP

Could you please advise how I remove this duplicate entry? Thank you!

Checking back in on the above issue to make sure it hasn’t been overlooked…

Good morning Sherri,

I will look into this for you and reply asap!

CETEC ERP Customer Support

I am testing whether it is the dates of the transactions in the change history that are causing AP Pmt 7410 to reappear on the 2023-10-21 credit card reconcile…the original entry was on 2023-09-19, which is within the cutoff date for the statement of 2023-09-21. The change history has Cancel AP pmts & Make AP Pmts that are dated after 2023-09-21 and so those cause AP Pmt 7410 to reappear as unreconciled on the 2023-10-21 credit acct reconcile. I will test changing those transaction dates to align with original AP Pmt date and 2023-09-21 cutoff and get back to you asap.


CETEC ERP Customer Support

I tested changing the dates on the transactions in the ledger for AP Pmt 7410 and it did not change the unreconciled status on the 2023-10-21 account reconcile for that AP Pmt.
So, I think the issue may be that AP Pmt 7410 was reconciled on Credit Acct 2138 acct reconcile 67 and reconcile closed on 2023-09-25. The last change to AP pmt is dated 2023-09-29, so the system (at that time) allowed you to cancel AP pmt/make AP pmt on an already reconciled AP Pmt 7410, which we have found frequently causes this issue of an AP Pmt appearing on a subsequent account reconcile. CETEC has since (sometime in October) implemented a fix which should disallow canceling an already reconciled AP Pmt…should be seeing an error/warning going forward.
All that to say, I will need to submit a ticket to engineers to resolve this.
Appreciate your patience. They should be able to get this corrected asap.


CETEC ERP Customer Support

As I recall, the only reason I touched this payment at all is because it was appearing twice? Thank you for your assistance! ~Sherri

Thank you Sherri, I will pass that info along…Best, CETEC ERP Customer Support

(I sent this in ticket reply, but showing this in forum as well for the benefit of others whom may view this forum issue…)

We don’t know exactly how this happened (though sometimes repeated cancel/make/cancel/make with AP Pmts can cause ledger entries to behave oddly), but there are currently 2 active GL entries for that payment, resulting from the total of 9 GL entries (both active and inactive) that have passed through the system for that AP Payment 7410.

This is the one that is already reconciled on Rec. 67: Cetec ERP

And here is the unreconciled one showing on Rec. 69: Cetec ERP

You will need to re-open account reconcile 67, uncheck the reconcile box for that payment there and leave that account reconcile open.

Then go to the entry 126635 link (second link) above, and the screen will look like this:

Click the blue Clear Entry button, which will zero out all four amounts in the ledger (warning appears), then click red Update Entry button.

Next go back to account reconcile 67, re-check the reconcile box for that payment and close account reconcile 67.

Now continue reconciling account reconcile 69, as the additional AP Pmt 7410 should then be gone from that reconcile.

I did test this in a testing environment and it worked for me. Certainly if you find this has not corrected the issue, reply back on this case for further assistance.


CETEC ERP Customer Support

It worked perfectly! Thank you so much!

You’re so welcome!