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Hi All,

Few questions/concern on the CETEC API sides

  1. Upon checking the swagger documentation for GL Accounts there is only GET endpoints and there is no Post(Create) or Put(Update) so my question, is there any other way around to automatically create GL Accounts without creating it manually? i also check the Data Import but it seems importing GL also doesn’t exist there.

  2. There is no DELETE end point for Parts based on the swagger list, but upon checking the return value of GET, all our Parts which have Inactive status return deleted_flag = 1 and have a year of date in the deleted_flag_timestamp, so what I did is to take advantage the PATCH method and put 1 on the deleted_flag and put year now in the deleted_flag_timestamp but it’s not working, so is there any way around to delete or make a product Inactive via API?

  3. Tried using the GET method for Bonus Column & request has been successful as it return Status 200 but the Response body is empty, I both test it out on the Swagger & Postman & both have same result.

  4. GET on Data Maintenance only return limited object_type doesn’t return everything on the list.


Hello Egavino!

Thanks for posting on the Cetec ERP forum and I saw it’s your first time! I’ve documented these questions you’ve asked about the API features in Cetec and will relay those on over to our engineering department.

As soon as they get to that they’ll relay that information/answers back my way and I’ll get those to you on here as quickly as I can!

Cetec ERP Support

Hello Egavino,

I got some answers from our engineering department and included those below:

  1. Correct, there is not a way to create GL Accounts via API. This is mostly a protection, as GL Accounts need to be linked properly, and we don’t yet have a valid design (nor usually a valid programmatic reason), to implement this. In our general use-cases, GL Accounts are setup during go-live, and possibly a few of them are changed each year. If your needs in adding GL Accounts are significant enough to warrant doing this via API, we would consider building this out.

  2. Correct, there is not a way to delete Parts via API at this time. There is quite a lot of business logic in place as to why this is the case. (we wouldn’t want to accidentally delete parts that have Inventory, were currently on a PQuote, PO, Order, etc) and we haven’t yet confirmed that all of that logic is accessible properly from the API service, so have blocked this operation for now. This is something we would consider adding in the future.

  3. You may need to include an “object_type” key in order to get the response you’re looking for. Part, Quote, QuoteLine, Customer, Vendor are some applicable object types. Would you mind sharing the curl, or more details for what you’re trying to do?

  4. GET Data Maintenance. Which endpoint are you referring to? Is it /goapis/api/v1/generic_tablemaint ? If so, yes. it is only a limited amount of the available endpoints at this time. We’re in the process of building this out further as specific needs arise and would be happy to prioritize your use-case if you have needs here.

For future reference, the intention isn’t to have all functionality in the API - many things need to go through the UI for business logic reasons.

Let me know if you’ve got any questions.
Cetec ERP Support

Hi cetecerp21,

1 - I understand

2 - I understand

3 - My bad, jump into child data object without specifying the parent, this is now resolved

4 - /goapis/api/v1/generic_tablemaint - Yup this is the end point I’m referring, We’re hoping we are able to pull list of data of Cost Center