Auto Assigned Duplicate Bins

  1. Work Order closed out. Want to assign it to a bin. The text box saves a bunch of text, so I just select one of those.

  2. Its a duplicate bin. No surprise there.

  3. Picked “Create New”. Result is actually a duplicate bin, but in ALL CAPS. Case sensitivity appears to be the culprit?

Hi @jburnell ,

I might be missing the issue on this inquiry. When I login and view this part I see the various bins for this part under the warehouse section of view part screen. I can see the two different bins hallway xfer to stores and hallway xfer to stores-1. Depending on where you are viewing the bin in Cetec it may show as lower or upper case.

Cetec ERP Support

I moved it to a non-duplicate bin name, but here it is before I did that:

There are two bins named “Hallway Xfer to stores-1”, where one is all caps but the other is not. This is from directly under the part.

Heres a URL for a different part:

Ill hold back on doing a workaround, but if you look at URL
A bin was automatically created because of a duplicate, but that auto bin was also a duplicate (my guess because its not case sensitive at this point). This is where the fun comes in. I cannot fix my mistake simply by moving the items to another bin now, because the system is looking at bin and not at Lot #. So I have two different lots in the same bin, and I cant move my new lot out because the other lot # in that bin has been picked to a list, so the system thinks there are 0 quantity in the bin (I assume it is parsing the list from top to bottom and uses the first instance of that bin it comes across?).
I hope that explains a bit better?

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