Bank Reconciliation: Account Transactions Missing

We are trying to reconcile our bank accounts for October; however, a transaction occurring in October is not appearing to allow for select in the account. Journal entry #8528 makes a transfer from one of our bank accounts to another: the funds were transferred from 10001102 (Liquid Assets) to 10001103 (Operating). The transaction is appearing on the Cetec reconciliation for the Liquid Assets account but not the Operating reconciliation.

*I am not able to upload and provide pictures.

Are there any further details I can provide you at this time for a prompt resolution?

@Cetec, Please provide addition details at your earliest convenience.


I am looking into this as well and hope to reply asap.

Thank you!


Stephanie…this sounds like something our engineers need to look at…I am referring to them and will get back with you as to resolution as soon as possible…not anticipating that this will be a complicated/lengthy fix.

thank you!

In order for engineers to resolve, we need the Bank Account Reconcile ID#. This will be in the upper left
of the Bank Account Reconcile page…"Bank Account Reconcile ‘#’ "
Can you send that to me here please?

Thank you!

Bank reconciliation ID is 299.

It looks like the issue with 299 is that 297 is also bad. 297, which is closed, has entries that are supposed to be in the account that 299 is associated with.

The solution:
The steps required: Please re-open 297.
We’ll remove the connections that are to the wrong account. Then, you can re-reconcile 297, then the entries necessary will be available on 299.
On 297 You can see that entry 8528 shows up more than once in that list (as do others).

The cause:
It looks like reconcile 297 was originally created with account 10001103
But then was moved to use account: 10001102

When this update was made, there were already links created to entries. These links did not get dissociated when the account was changed.

Please let us know when you’ve opened 297 & then we’ll update you when the bad associations have been removed.


Bank Rec #297 is now open.

Thank you!

Please check the numbers on 297 before re-closing. Now 299 should have the appropriate entries available to add.