Best way to Capture & Export Data for Production WO's

Hey all,

I’m looking for the best workflow to capture data (mainly numerical) that can be easily exported per Production Work Order. Suggestions?

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Good question Regis. Could you provide an example of data you are looking to capture?

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My basic requirement would be that as an operator completes work through the labor plan, there would be an interface where they could capture data like “air pressure” or “volume” or “weight”. once work order is complete, all these parameters could then be exported…I’m not asking for any analytical tools, just a method of capturing and retrieving basic data entry items related to a work order.

Hi Regis,

That’s an interesting idea, how are you capturing that information currently?


Currently, we have to capture data in an external, EXCEL file. we’ve found this to really mess up the workflow with technicians. We’ve seen issues with file management and revision control of external files could be eliminated if there was an ability to capture the data (even manually) directly in the CETEC Production Work Order. OF course, it really only works if you’re able to export the data too…

I’ve tried using the “Inspection” page to capture data but there is no way to export the data…

See thread: (Ability to Export Inspection records on Production Orders.)


So you might try Part Revision level Inspection Instructions.

This can be defined under the part revision by viewing the Inspection Plan.

Here you can define inspection steps to take place by either work station or build operation. The results will be listed on that same page at the top and can be printed as a pdf.

At some point in the future we may have a report that will allow you to filter recorded responses to inspection instructions by WO, Part or Customer.

As for the Inpection Details there is a report for that which can be exported as an Excel.

Find that at /otd/inspection/details_report

Please let me know if that’s helpful.

Thank you!

So this report is something I was unaware of and is great for reporting on and exporting inspection report records. It definitely satisfies that side of things…

I’m still not 100% sure it’s going to allow us to capture data the way we’d like to for process data…I have to think about this a bit more…There might be a possibility though…