Bin Info all of a sudden wiped

I’ve just started noticing that some of our bin data has been cleared for a random assortment of bins. I’ve noticed this issue before and thought it was isolated, but now since it has happened again I’m getting a little worried that this is widespread across our inventory. The most recent example is the part linked below:

reciept = 544-062420

The bin data shows for previous transactions in the receipt history, so something happened as of recent to cause this issue.



Hi @clarkyparky - we’re actively looking into this for you right now. Will let you know our findings ASAP.


@clarkyparky - This appears to be somehow a bug with how Part Requests are picking/logging and adjusting FIFO/bin inventory.

We’re escalating this with engineering here, and will keep you updated. If we can nail it down, likely the scope of impact will be limited to only those bins that have been picked from via the Part Request module.

Will keep you updated. Thanks

Thank you! Just verified that it is only the part request parts.

Also if it helps, I think it was only an issue with part requests not associated with an order.

@clarkyparky -

Just FYI - we did uncover a rather terribly nasty bug with Part Request picking and FIFO/bin traceability.

It is fixed as of version 3.9, which should be going out to cloud environments within a 1-2 weeks.

Our sincere apologies for this issue; we really appreciate you bringing it to our attention!