BOM Buy in and Break Down


We buy in a BOM - that features 5 components that go into another BOM (our final product to go out the door).
I was thinking to set it up this way to help with ordering.
Is there a way to bring in the bought in component and let Cetec know that this means there are 5 components in stock when 1 of the BOMs have been received?
Hope that makes sense.

Joe @ Dynamic Metrics

Hi Joe,
Just to clarify:

  1. You’re saying that you purchase a BOM from a vendor that contains these components?
  2. Do the 5 components all become part of the same finished product, or do the components somehow get broken out to different finished goods?
  3. Are the 5 components also ones that you would purchase individually at other times, or do they always come as part of this purchased assembly?

Hi Cetec,

  1. Yes, we purchase a single item from a vendor that contains 5 components, for transparency; We purchase a tablet, inside the tablet box there is a tablet, charger, cable, IFU & a reset tool.
  2. All the components may go into the final product, the change occurs depending of the country that to product is going to, as different plug types are used. So tablet, cable, IFU and reset tool are standard, the charger is the change part.
  3. We would purchase different chargers to solve the different plugs. so we may purchase other chargers (different parts) to cover different countries.

Hope that makes sense.

Joe @ DML

Thanks Joe, that does make sense. Thanks for the additional detail!
Let us review a bit, and see what the best way to handle this situation would be.