Canceled checks still causing duplicate GL entries AND bank rec is calculating wrong

Hi guys,

I am combining these because they are intertwined. I have some canceled checks causing duplicate and sometimes triple entries in my GL. Only a couple are causing problems in my bank reconciliation. For example payment 7320 is in my system 4 times, partially because I tried to fix it and I think everytime it caused a new entry.

Payment 6724 is showing as a deposit on Bank Rec 44 and won’t let me uncheck it and if I uncheck it, it causes my bank rec to be off. Also, on the same bank rec, the dollar value of checks and deposits being used to calculate if the bank rec balances is wrong. It does not match the numbers at the bottom of each of the checks and deposits, respectively and therefore it is showing that I am not balanced when I should be. All of these payments are still showing on my GL ledger even though they are not showing in the Bank Rec.

There are 49 total “Canceled” checks on my cash GL. So, I am not sure the bug was fixed in 4.0 as we thought. Let me know.

Hi @kellym,

We’ll look in to these and get back to you as soon as we can.

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Hi Kelly,
on 7320: These are fixed.
Every time you attempt a change it does create a new entry (this is by design). However, it looks like some of the “Cancels” got disassociated from the “Makes”. This is what caused them to show in the Bank Rec. It also looks like you’ve moved all the work for 7320 to a new payment, so, we’ve set those entries to inactive. If you need to reference them, you can click “View inactive ledger entries”.

6724: was the same issue ultimately, the cancel got disassociated from the make, then the Make was put on the Bank Rec before it was cancelled. There was a bug here regarding the disassociation. This was fixed after the issue here would have occurred. (Bug fixed Jan 8, 2022 or so).

Depending on how the 49 Cancelled checks are showing, this may not be a bug.
Beginning Feb/Mar 2021 Cancelling a check creates an offsetting entry, rather than zero’ing the entry.
We’re not sure how to proceed with this statement at this time. Do you have more details?