Cant Search PO list by Part Number

I can’t seem to search by PRC part number (Purchasing, PO/PO order list) to get a specific PO without getting the below screenshot:

If I do not input any details into the PRCPart field then Pos are returned and I do not get the error.

This just started today with the new release, but there is a related issue when I browse to a parts screen and select PO’s it doesn’t do anything, just stays at the same link location and reloads. This new problem makes it very difficult to locate my POs, and inspection data. Can you help me?


Hi @paulv,

Can you give us an example of one of the parts you’re searching, or that has the issue when checking the POs page?

Additionally, is this only affecting you, or is it any use that tries to search using those same parameters, or view that same part’s PO page?

the screen shows up regardless of which part numbers I try, but I have been using MED002480-1 as my part number.

I just had another coworker duplicate the error in the same way for both issues so it is not just me - I also tried it on a another machine. For the PO link on the parts page, I have seen it work for some parts and people before but it has never worked for me

Here is the link that is breaking if that helps:

Thanks @paulv, we’ll look in to this for you and get back to you about it as soon as we can.

@paulv Our engineers were able to track down the issue for you, and you should be all set with searching the PO list.

We were not, however, able to reproduce the issue you’re seeing with the PO link from the parts page. Just to verify, you’re talking about going to a part record, clicking purchasing > open POs from the left hand side menu, correct?

Hooray, it works! Thank you for helping me with that.

Yes, when I try and select most of those PO menu options (except for sourcing for some reason) the page simply reloads and I end up back on the Parts page. I used the same part MED002480-1 as the test , but I have seen the issue with other users and I have seen other users have it working as well.

It appears the issue here is because of the way access controls are set up in your environment. If a user isn’t allowed to see costs in the system, then those pages under the purchasing tab won’t load. And in your environment the only users that can see costs are those with either Admin or Accounting roles.

You’ll need to contact one of your Cetec Admins to resolve that, and they’re welcome to reach out if they need any help making the necessary adjustments to make those pages available for you.

v4.051 new bug–
For our accounting forecasts, we pull a report of open POs every week. Purchasing/POs/PO Order List (by PO line)

PRC used to display and export the full part number (RAW123456 for example).

Since the update to 4.051
PRC exports as ‘N/A’ and displays as ‘N/A’ when i run the open PO list. interestingly enough the Part Number (no PRC prefix) is correct (123456) and the link in ‘N/A’ is correct.

Thanks Greg, our engineers have a fix for this in the works that should get pushed out in the next few days. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update - this should be fixed in your environment!
Thanks for sending the issue in!

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