Can't Sort by QOH


When sorting my inventory report, I can’t sort by QOH. This is fairly limiting for me when it comes to performing assessment reports.

Can you please look into this?


@spencer Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll pass it along to our development team.

Unless this is a pressing need, for which you’d like to pay for the expedited development time, we aren’t able to provide any specific guarantees or timelines for it. If the development team does choose to move forward with it, then it will get included in a future cetec update.

One additional question here: We do have sorting by QOH on the non-alternate version of that report (found by clicking parts > list > list by warehouse), is there a specific reason you’re using the alternate version?


I don’t use the non-alternate version for a number of reasons.

First and most importantly, it doesn’t allow me to filter by our bonus column “Part Category” which is a categorization we use to filter our reports and keep oversight of different segments of inventory.

Second, it doesn’t give me access to the blue dot Info Button that allows me to look into the waterfall at a glance or look at current open orders for that component or part (a feature I absolutely Love, I might add).

Lastly, it is a buggy report that takes a lot longer to load and when I go to edit the plus or minus columns I have to do it through the “column visibility” button at the bottom of the report that always loads even further down the page with no clear identification of what columns are turned on or off because the differentiation between the two is one shade of grey to another shade of grey.

To summarize, I cannot use this report because I lose a lot of visibility and filtering capacity that I absolutely need to keep an oversight of our inventory by category.

This is absolutely a pressing need and it doesn’t seem fair to pass along the cost to the customer for a feature that is absolutely standard across any form of reporting software as well as already present everywhere else on the platform. There really is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to sort the report by QOH and this kind of inconsistency in ability to sort is actually fairly common (and quite limiting) in a number of other reports across the platform.

Other reports with sorting failures
Parts List:Any Quantity Sorting at all

Release to Warehouse: Can’t sort by Work Location

Production List: Can’t sort by Production Line

Sales Orders List: Can’t sort by Customer (This seems like the most basic functionality period that you should be able to do on a sales report) Also can’t sort by Extended Cost.

Quote List: I can’t sort these reports by time in stage. I can’t even sort these by their Extended Resale Value. How am I supposed to even prioritize quoting with no ability to sort at all?

As you can see above from all of the other lists that have HIGHLY limiting sorting restrictions, this is an inherent problem across your entire platform and not just a singular case.

My real question is, why would you limit the capacity of any field on your reports to be sorted at all?

I don’t meant to come across as upset but it’s honestly unprofessional to pass these kinds of inconsistencies across a reporting platform on to the customer.

I would very much appreciate it if you could look into the above listed reports and fix all of the sorting limitations. I’d be happy to provide more

Thank you for your feedback, we will certainly be sure to pass those comments on to our development team.

To address your comment about passing on the cost, I think it’s worth noting here that our development team has some documented guidelines that get used to filter any request we receive: How are developmental requests prioritized? What is the timeframe for development queue items?

I bring that up to say that all of these things you’ve listed will receive the same consideration. But, as noted at the bottom of the linked page, if you want to expedite this process, you can pay us for billable time to move the priority to the front of the lot.

And finally, I did want to mention that your initial issue of being able to sort by QOH on the alternate version of that list has been addressed, and the fix for that should get pushed out to your environment some time in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again for taking time to document those issues, and do please let us know if there are others you find.

@spencer One final note here,

We ran your list by our engineers to get some clarification on the more technical side of things.

To summarize/parse what they said, not all of our reports/list are written in the same programming languages. So there are some places where adding filtering and sorting to columns is a much more complex task than others. Additionally, many of the specific columns you called out (thinking about things extended cost and various qty columns) are calculated fields, and currently we are unable to sort columns by the resulting values in those fields.

There are a couple of things you mentioned like bonus column filters on the list by bin report, sorting by work location on the release to pick page, and sorting by customer on the sales order list that we were able to add pretty easily, and you should see those included in a future patch release in the coming weeks.

To close the loop here, your remaining feedback will be logged for consideration as we continue working to improve and expand the software.