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Hi all,

We are having an issue adding an action to our CAR;

There is no link to our action types and it will not let us add an action without defining this category.
I am new to this so may be overlooking something, but I have looked in the data maintenance area for this list to ensure that our action types are covered. It seems it may be linked to the CARType section (Corrective or Preventative) but this does not appear when typed it into the action type box.
Any help on this would great.
Joe @ Dynamic Metrics

Hi Joe!

Not sure why, but it looks like the CARActionType Data Maintenance table isn’t linked/included inside the Data Maintenance menu.

However, you can access the page directly if you type in the URL manually in your web browser… here is the link:

We’ll contact engineering and see about getting the link published properly as well. In the meantime, hope the above URL works for you!

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It would be a great feature if Action Taken were linked to CARType. With 13485, Preventive Actions have a little different set of requirements, then Corrective Actions. We also add our audit corrections here which have again a different set of requirements.

Agreed, we are using the CAR system to capture continuous improvements.

We are also under 13485 and managing the change to MDR, hoping that Cetec will help that process. Are you in a similar situation Jackie?

@Jackie @NachJo

Quick idea on this. What if you duplicated each of your CAR Types and put a prefix in each of them denoting whether they are for Preventative or Corrective (i.e. PAR or CAR)?

For example, if you had two CARActionTypes right now of “Containment – Assess Stock-WIP” and “Notify Vendor”, you could make that four CARActionTypes: “CAR - Containment – Assess Stock-WIP”, “CAR - Notify Vendor”, “PAR - Containment – Assess Stock-WIP”, and “PAR - Notify Vendor” .

Not a perfect solution, but might be enough?

It seems that it would make for along list. Will give it a try.

Could you advise? When updating the drop down list, writing over, updates past using that drop down line, correct? So if the old drop down line is significantly different, then it is best to add new and inactivate old drop downs, correct? Will inactive drops downs still be visible where used prior to inactivating?


Yes, we have only a few products that meet medical device definition, but even with only 1, you gotta fulfill the MDR requirements. Really just getting started on this because we have so few.

With the recent update, we had an issue with the resolution comment box being locked before the CAR is closed. Have you had a problem with this as well?

Hi, it seems like this has not been fixed. Please advice.

Hi @ace_support,

It is not in the Data Maintenance section, as would be expected.

I knew I had edited it, just taken me a moment this morning to remember; I did this by going into any CAR and in the “Actions Taken” Section of the CAR at the top next to the columns titles “Type” there is an “Edit” link, this takes me to edit the action types.
Maybe this picture will help and hope it works for you :slight_smile:


Thanks @NachJo This is very helpful.

Hi Support @cetecerp,

Just gone on to try and edit my action types for CAR Actions and it cannot be found. Wondering why I can no longer edit this list?
I thought we had solved it :frowning: any help would be appreciated.

Joe @ DML

@NachJo We’re still seeing it in the same place you pointed out in your screenshot above. Take a look at [your cetec url]/otd/car/33/edit and see if it’s there. It may be that it only shows up in that spot if an action has been added.

Even if it’s not there, you should be able to see it on the CAR list to the left of the submit button

Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 7.31.55 AM

Let us know if you need anything else here!

Thanks for the reply @cetecerp13

Both the links are there the “Edit” and “CAR Actions” but they both just go to the list screen of Data Maintenance. CAR Actions is not on the Data Type list.

Still stuck on this one.


@NachJo I had our engineering team take a look at those links.
They weren’t able to provide a specific reason why they weren’t working, but they were able to come up with a solution. That’s currently going through validation/testing, and should get pushed out to you in the next week or so.

I realize this is an older post, but I also cannot access the CAR action type to edit it. Has there been any updates?