Change Lead Type from Closed to Open

Can you please help explain the process of changing a “closed” lead back to “open”?

Thank you,


Hello! If you follow that link you send me and then choose the back to development, it should reopen that lead.

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, that option does not open the lead back up when I do it. Lead still shows closed.

Can you please review the past comment? Still not able to reopen a closed lead. Thank you!

Hello, so if you go into your data maintenance, and add in a record:

Then make sure you have all users you want to be able to use this set to the workflow stage admin<maintenance<workflowmaintenance<lead

You should be able to reopen the lead

Thank you for your reply.

Added the first piece you showed: Cetec ERP

This appears to have reopened the lead.

But I do not show workflowmaintenance as an option under data maintenance to update users.


It is in the admin, maintenance drop-down menu.

Hi, We are having another issue now with the Re-Open Lead being added to the data maintenance for WofkflowStage:

Now when we go into the lead we are not able to change the lead state to another state within the lead cycle. This is now true for all leads there is no way for us to change the Lead State. Please advise and thank you.


Sorry I missed you reply, when I follow those links now it appears to be fixed. Can you confirm if you are still having issues?

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