Consumables Stock Handling

Hi Community,

We are striving to enter the stock of items not directly related to production like Stationery, Wipes etc. in system to have there billing and record in system. Can you please suggest a suitable method to deal with it? What we want is to receive stock in system and have the bill entered. Then, We want to remove the stock from system without billing. If a suitable strategy can be devised for it. Thanks

One way you could handle this would be to create a non-inventory part or parts to be able to add these items to purchase orders.
Then the POs get closed at the time of receiving but don’t actually add to your inventory.
Because there is no inventory transaction associated with the purchase, you will need to create the voucher for the PO in order to have any ledger impact.
At that time you’ll be able to categorize the purchase properly using the voucher splits.