Cost on Order

How is the Cost for BOM shown on an Order calculated? I understand the default cost and how it is generated for re-sale items, but the Cost for a BOM that is on an Order seems to be from something different.

A specific example would be Order 8051.1, Line 1, Part CDN099. The cost shows $312.47, but where is that number created?

Hi Jake,

Cost on the order will be generated from the quote, however this number can be manually edited as well. For example, I generated a quote for this part in a test environment and the cost showed as "$0.00, reflecting the default cost. I’ll paste some documentation below that I pulled from the Default Quote Line Cost section of this page here.


Upon selection of a part on a quote line, Cetec ERP will attempt to auto-assign a default unit cost for the part using the following hierarchy of rules:

** First, Cetec ERP will look for any vendor cost defined for the part, either from a pricing import of a vendor catalogue or from part cost/qty breaks manually defined. (See below for how to maintain vendor costing & MSRP data.)*
** If no vendor costing data is found, Cetec will default to the cost at which the part was last purchased (i.e. last buy cost) - if and only if your company has explicitly requested that the “cost_use_last_buy_cost” configuration variable be turned on.*
** Next, Cetec ERP will look for the average cost of the part if it already exists in your warehouse.*
** If no average cost value is found, Cetec will look at sales history. If the part has been sold before, Cetec will take the last invoiced cost of the part, and use that.*
** Finally, if and when Cetec finds a cost for your part based on the above rules, it will then attempt to apply any Pricing Rules that have been assigned to the part. Note that this means Pricing Rules have the “final say” on the cost of a part, if pricing rules exist for the part.*

Important! If the quote line is for a work order (i.e. transaction code of Build), and you define BOM cost and BOM resale for the job in the BOM worksheet, those work order specific cost/resale values will override any default part cost/resale values on your quote line.