Create New Vendor - 500 Internal Server error

I’m getting a 500 Internal Server Error when attempting to create a new Vendor.

I’ve tried logging out, then back into CETEC…
I’ve tried rebooting PC.


Hi Regis,
It looks like Vendor 68 didn’t get entered with a Vennum. Vennum is a required unique column, so that was throwing off the entry of any future Vendors. Cause we don’t have an auto-increment on it by default.
I’m not sure how this happened. But, we’ve fixed that and you should be able to continue adding Vendors.
If you happen to run across this in the future please do update us. This is not something I’ve seen except in the case of bad imports of data (which, doesn’t appear to have been the cause of this one).

I see. thanks for the explanation. This Vennum is not a user modifiable correct? It should auto-generate when a new “Vendor” is created?

It is not user modifiable during typical use. However, if you are using our ImportData module you are able to specify a vennum as one of your columns.
In typical use, Vennum gets the system generated “id” assigned to it.