Creating Replacement Order from Customer RMA

We successfully issued an RMA and PO tied to the original order (91.1) to receive returned product back into inventory. The product has already been replaced via another order (94.1) but when we created an order for replacement (pulled from finished goods stock), the system generated a new/separate order (101.1). Is there a way to tie the replacement order previously issued (94.1) instead of the new order (101.1) to the RMA?



Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is a way to connect order 94.1 to that RMA after the fact. The reason is that the system is set up so that a linked rework order is created from the RMA screen. Here’s a tutorial about this process from the Cetec YouTube channel. Just to check, were these the steps you took?

For your current issue, a workaround I can see would be to make a sticky note to go at the top of 94.1 to let people know internally which RMA it’s associated with.


Cetec ERP Support