Crosses - Creating default values

Is there a way to create a default association for “Customer Part” on the quote? It’s annoying to have to constantly associate our same Customer Part # with each Customer when we’d like them all to be the same “by default”.

For example, see (part/11/crosses_and_syns). we have 30 crosses that are identical. It’d be nice if we could make a “Default” cross so we don’t have to do this for every new customer…


We’re looking into it and will get back with you as soon as possible.

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Just so we can understand this issue better, can you tell me how you use the Customer Part? Do you look at it as the ID that each customer assigns to that part on their end (in which case it would be unique to each customer)?

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Sure. the default case for the "Customer Part “# is that we use our “SKU” as the default customer Part #. When customers purchase an item on our website, we’d like the Customer Part # (CU1-001” in this case) to be the “SKU”. So could we set a “Customer Part #” in crosses to a default value of “CU1-001” for all customers? Then IF a large enough customer who purchases our part wants us to ship with their specific “Customer Part #”, then we could “break” from the default cross value and associate their own Customer Part # as needed… for example, the first “Cross” in the link above shows a specific company PN# here “A-005723-00”. Pretty much All the other companies we have to set the cross to “CU1-001”

Okay, that’s great information, thanks. Knowing your process is really helpful. We’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as we have one.

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Here’s a possible way to handle this. Try it out and let us know if this will meet the need. If not, we can try something else!


  1. Navigate to the Crosses page on Cetec as usual (Parts>Views/Lists>List and then enter the part you’re looking for).
  2. Enter a Cross Prcpart and choose a Cross Type, but don’t fill in the Association field.
  3. Open a new sales quote as usual (Sales>Quotes>New Quote).
  4. However, BEFORE clicking on the pencil icon and specifying a customer at the top of the screen, FIRST enter the part the customer is buying into the PRC field at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Click the small pencil icon that just showed up where the Add button used to be.
  7. You’ll see that the Cust Part field has defaulted to the cross part reference you created.
  8. Now you can go back up to the top of the quote and fill in the customer information.

Basically what this is doing is creating a default cross part reference. And then, when creating a new sales quote, as long as you add the part before you add the customer’s information, that default cross part reference should appear.

Then, like you said, if a large enough customer who purchases your part wants you to ship with their specific “Customer Part #”, then you can just change the Cust Part field (see step 7 above) and click the orange OK button at the bottom left to confirm the change.

I really hope that helps! Again, if this doesn’t resolve the issue, please reach out again.

Thanks for your business,
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Yes. Your suggested change to the order of operation allows what I’ve been wanting to do.

So create generic cross with “customer Part” and no specified customer.
Add the part to the quote first, then add the customer information…
voila. Default Customer Part is applied on the quote…


I’m so glad it was what you were looking for! Thanks for letting us know.

Glad to help,
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