Custom Doc not found

Sorry to bother - but I cannot isolate the Customer Order Acknowledgement under the custom docs that is active. There are two listed - but when I made I d/l the code it is not the active OA.
I need to add a hyperlink to the OA with T & C - I was able to successfully do it for vendor PO and the customer quote html - but cannot find the Order Acknowledgment PDF - this one listed isn’t what displays.

Hi Shawn,

Can you provide a url for the OA page in Cetec that you are looking to make changes to? I can then confirm which custom doc is the correct one to be using. Thanks!

Cetec ERP Support

Hi Shawn,

I may be missing what the question or issue is for this post.

The custom document for the URL you provided is the Order Acknowledgement PDF as you linked it in your original message.

Cetec ERP (Order URL) equals Cetec ERP (Custom doc URL)

Can I get some further detail on what you are needing?

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