Cycle Count Lock Transactions

We are testing some of the functions of the cycle count area in our Cetec and we noticed that when we check the box that states “Lock Inventory Transactions” that we are still able to pick the components in a work order and we are still able to change the quantity in the part. If we are still able to do these two transactions then what transactions are actually being locked when we check that box?

@kristina That is unusual, thanks for bringing that to our attention.
Let us do some investigation and we’ll see if we can figure out why those locks don’t seem to be blocking those transactions.

Cetec ERP Support

Thank you for looking into this. Today when we logged on the “Lock Inventory Transactions” was not there anymore. Have you found anything on this issue?

Hi, Kristina,

To answer the question from your original post, “What transactions are actually being locked when we check that box?” here’s the answer: Checking the box will stop receiving and invoicing of prcparts from that location during inventory cycle counts.

As to why the “Lock Inventory Transactions” check box is no longer there, I went into your Cetec site and saw the same thing. I’m checking in with our engineering team to get more information.

Cetec ERP Support

@kristina ,

As a result of looking in to this initially, we discovered that the Lock checkbox wasn’t actually doing anything on the cycle counts, and in fact was just a holdout from some old code that didn’t get cleared out. That’s why you’re no longer seeing that checkbox, we update the code to remove the box altogether as it was never intended to be included on the page.

We do have it noted for potential future development, but there’s a lot of additional development that would be needed to produce a functioning version of that type of lock on the cycle counts. Is the lock something that’s critical for you all?