Dash 1 added to serial numbers

In the past couple of months, when we perform an RMA and receive back serialized parts that we once shipped, we enter the serial number in the receiving PO but when it shows up in inventory, it is appended with a “-1” to the end of it. See pictures below… This never used to happen unless an identical Serial Number was already in inventory. How do we revert the behavior such that the “-1” isn’t appended?

Hey Regis,

This question is environment specific. The serials function can be configured to perform in many different ways. My first question would be, do you have the “Force_Unique_Serial_Numbers” config on?

I would also be curious if/what you have the “Order_Auto_Generate_Serials” config set to?

Here are the current config settings:

“Force Unique Serial Numbers” is set to “0”

“Order Auto Generate Serials” is set to “0”

any thoughts here? . Not sure why the “-1” is added when we’re not “forcing” unique serial numbers…