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After updating “Labor Rates” and “Overhead Rates” in Data Maintenance For OrdlineStatus, the new rates are not carrying over when invoicing.

This was updated before the order(s) were created and invoiced and is still not changing.

Can I please get help in correcting this?


I’m looking into this for you. I’ll get back to you soon.

Cetec ERP Support

Hi, again,

I just spent a while testing this: I created a new quote for part SUB12014C, which included the ordline status that you said was causing problems. I committed the quote to order, logged an hour of work to it, and then completed/received it. When I checked the ledger entries associated with the invoice, they correctly recorded the labor rate and overhead rate that you had inputted into the data maintenance table.

Which report are you showing in your second screenshot? Would you be able to send me a link to it?

Cetec ERP Support

Thanks for the quick response.

Here is the related Work Order - Cetec ERP
Here is the related Invoice - Cetec ERP
Here is my OrdlineStatus data - Cetec ERP

Odd the correct value for “Laser Cut - Trumpf TL1030” of $45 is translating through, instead of $125 which was previously set. This edit was done about a year ago.

Strange. I’m looking at those links and running calculations and I’m not sure why the totals are showing up the way they are.

Do you need already invoiced orders corrected, or are you just trying to ensure that the invoice totals will be correct going forward?

I want to make sure we are getting you the help you need.

We are looking for a solution going forward. Any previous issues will be reconciled to account for these discrepancies.

Thanks for your help, hopefully this is a quick and easy fix.

Okay, thanks, that’s helpful. Because the labor and outsourcing values were pulling in correctly on that test order I created, my impression is that you should be good to go. If you want, you could create a test order that includes that ordline status and let me know if you see anything pulling incorrectly.

Otherwise, I’d say to just let us know if anything comes up as you’re creating orders going forward. I would expect the labor and outsource values to pull through correctly for Laser Cut - Trumpf TL1030.

I just processed a test order using an Internal vendor and rates are pulling correctly now.

Thanks for the quick fix!

It looks like this issue is persisting. Our rates noted within “History” on a Workorder Line item are not correct as per OrdlineStatus settings.

For example, Workorder 13441.1 Line: 1 shows a Rate of $125.00 for “Laser Cut - Trumpf TL1030” however should be $100.00 as per the OrdlineStatus values for this Location within Data Maintenance. See below:

(Note, no values have been edited since this post was originally made back in November.)

Could you please look into this?

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