Decimal Places


We’re facing a problem wherein we are seeing decimal places till 5 or even more sometimes while paying the vouchers however, we have only set the decimal places to 2 on PO and Vouchers. Could you please look into this and let me know what can we do to make it work.
See the below attached images for your reference.

@vaibhav We’ll look in to this and see what the best way to correct it for you will be.

Could you please expedite this if possible. We have to write few cheques and this is not allowing us to enter the correct amount.

@vaibhav We discussed this with our engineering team, and discovered an issue with the way the values were getting rounded from the POs.

We’ve got a potential fix for this in the works. There’s still some testing and validation that needs to be done to make sure that this will properly correct the issue for you all. Unfortunately I can’t provide any precise ETA on that, but I will be sure to update you here once I know that it’s been pushed out to your environment.

Okay, let me know once it’s fixed. Thanks

Confirmed with our engineers that your environment should now be updated with the fix for this.

Let us know if you continue to have problems with it.

Great, thanks. I’ll check and let you know if I face any problems.

I’m facing one more issue, wherein while creating purchase orders I’d like to keep “cost” with 4 decimal places however, the “ext. cost” at 2 decimal places just to round off the overall cost. Is it possible to keep different decimal places for both of them?

We don’t have a way to differentiate them. Currency precision is set per object in the system (PO, quote, invoice, etc.), not by individual values within the object.

You can search “precision” in your config settings to see which objects have the ability to change the level of precision that’s shown.

You could possibly edit the custom doc PDF for your POs, so that what gets sent out to your vendors shows the way you’ve described. But that wouldn’t change the way the records are displayed in your environment.