Default Part Warehouse Locations on Quote

Since the new 4.0 release earlier today, the feature where on a quote, the part would automatically default to a location based on the part selling location is non functional.

Hi @Andy
We used to not enforce a sorting order in that dropdown, and do with the update.
A couple of ways to control what shows as the default selection in that dropdown:

  • You can select a default warehouse at cetec url/tablemaint/LNAME/edit and that will be the one that is selected.
  • Each user can have their own default location set. An admin user can edit those under Admin > Users, or the individual users can set their own default locations by clicking the menu button at the top right of Cetec and selecting my profile. The default set there will take precedence over the LNAME table default above, so when creating new quote lines the default would be the users’ default location.

So the default selling location on the part itself is just informational now?

Currently it does look like the default warehouse location set on the LNAME table will take precedent over what’s set on the part record.

We’re going to check with our engineering team and see if that’s intentional or if we need to work on a fix for it.

@Andy Our engineering team took a look, and there did seem to be some strange behavior around your default locations.

there’s a fix in the works now and it will be pushed out to your environment as soon as it goes through testing and validation, likely within the next week or so.

Let us know if you have any other issues with it after that.


Great! Thanks for checking on that for us.

We have a similar situation for POs where the location is now being required (not sure if it wasn’t required or just defaulted to the correct warehouse location before). I checked the user margaretm and she has Tomball set to her default warehouse, but said starting on Sunday she has to now go select a location from the drop-down list in order to create her POs.

@robinl Symptomatically similar, but functionally different I think.
We’ll take a look at that and see if we can determine what’s causing the issue that user is seeing.

Hi @robinl,

So there’s a hidden config setting (meaning we would have to change it for you) called pquote_default_location that is overriding the other location options here.’

Currently that config is attempting to set your pquote locations to MN, which isn’t one of your current active location codes. Because of that, when you go and add the vendor info it appears to leave the location blank/unset.

We’ve tested, and if we go in and clear out the value of that setting it should allow the normal location options to take effect. But we wanted to check and verify you were good with us doing that in your environment first.

Additionally, in a future release we will un-hide that setting so that it can be edited by the user without us having to make those changes on your behalf.

Let us know if you’d like us to change that setting, and that should clear up the issue for you and margaretm.

Yes please update our environment! Thanks.

We’ve made that change, and it should be effective now. When you have a chance, have margaretm try creating a new PQuote, and check to see if the location is populated correctly.