Defective material on Build

When we have a build order that is built incorrectly ex: incorrect length - How should that go through Cetec? Should a new line be created to build and pick parts? Or should you just pick more materials on the original line in Cetec? Or is there a way to put it into MRB and scrap?

Hey Jennifer,

Thanks for reaching out to Cetec support via the community forum! That’s a great question - there is a way to go through Cetec for this (part request under production to replace the incorrect parts on that build order, and a scrap feature for the parts that aren’t up to par).

Let me get some additional documentation for you that should help maneuver this process. I’ll get back to you shortly with that documentation and a breakdown on the part request & scrap features within Cetec.

Cetec ERP Support

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Thank you!

Do you have an update on this?