Delete a Vendor

Attempting to move some vendors to “Inactive” status by deleting them. I get an error when I try to delete several of them:

***Error:*Vendor Not Deleted: Can’t Inactive Vendor with Open A/P Payments

Looking at the A/P for the vendor, there is one erroneous $0 voucher (9131) that is “Approved” but not “paid”. I can’t find any way to actually delete this voucher. I reopen it and delete it. It says “Voucher Deleted”, but then the voucher still shows up on the vendor’s A/P and I can’t delete/inactivate the vendor.

Also getting the same error when attempting to delete vendors that do not appear to actually have open A/P items (e.g. vendor 1421)

Hey Jason,

Thanks for reaching out to us on our community forum about this issue! I’ll get started testing this out to see if I can reproduce the error you’re getting when trying to delete vendors. I do have a couple questions here if you don’t mind:

  • Is this something that’s relatively new that you’ve been running into?
  • How many vendors are you trying to inactivate from your system roughly?
  • Have you tried marking that $0 payment as paid (even though the value is $0) it will remove that voucher from that vendor’s A/P allowing you to inactivate it.

I’ll get started testing this out for you, looking forward to your responses and getting this resolved!
Cetec ERP Support

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