Differentiating type of subassemblies on a part BOM


I want to be able to differentiate between type of sub-assemblies on part BOM level.
The types are:

  • Stock
  • Build
  • Build separate
    II know we have the option to doo this during order entry (where CETEC asks if you want to create jobs for all sub-assemblies) but for us its too late at that stage and are sales team don’t know about this.
    What if I only want to create jobs for some sub-assemblies while others are from stock?
    I am hoping there is a cleaner way to handle this on the BOM of the P/N level itself instead of guessing this during order entry.

Thank you, Ossama


Note that you can set the default Build Type for a part - that will then default those options at Order Entry. If you edit the Part, you can set that in the Production Information section:

Hope that helps!

We need to be able to separate between:
1- build a subassembly within a job and
2- building a subassembly separately within a job.

Meaning: In case of 1, the BOM should show all levels including the parts needed to build the subassembly.
In case of 2, I am trying to build a batch of the subassembly separately from the high level part where this subassembly is used.

Hope this is clear .If not, please contact me at omansoor@emergentvisiontec.com and we can discuss in detail.

Looking forward to your help.
Thank you, Ossama

This setup you see in order entry (see attached) is what we are looking to add on part level.

Pease review and advise.

Thank you, Ossama


If you go to the Part Record, and on the left side navigation menu find Maint[+] >> Build Defaults.

In Build Defaults, you should find a setting called “Default Suborder”. That should accomplish what you’re trying to do: Skip Build (No), Always Build (Yes), With top.

Hope this helps!

I couldn’t make this work. What is the simplest way to get a flat BOM with all subassemblies’ BOMs showing in the order of the main part?
Without having to play with those setting during order entry. Please advise.


You’ll want to go to each individual subassembly part number >> (left side menu) >> Maint >> Build Defaults >> and set it to “With Top” and click update. Do that for all of your BOMs.

You may also want to check out these config settings:

and set those values to “phantom”

Hoping this helps, give it a shot!

Hi, your proposed setup worked wonderfully until yesterday.
We got the notification of an update and now what were ‘Build Defaults’ we have do not get carried over to the ‘Commit Order’ stage and by default all options are ‘No’ at this stage.

All red circles should have been ‘With Top’.

How to we fix this?