Double effect in General Ledger

There is double effect of AP Payment 3181 in General Ledger affecting bank ledger and payable ledger
twice with same value with same AP Payment also same sort of issue is raised in history.

Hey Zuhaib!

Thank you for reaching out to the Cetec support team via our forum tool and welcome to the community!

I’ve been trying to pull a G/L report to pinpoint the double effect you’re talking about here with AP Payment 3181 and haven’t been able to locate the duplicate and will need a little more info.

Could you provide me a url link of the G/L report you’re using to locate those double effects for me or a screen shot of the specific account/payments that are doubling up?

Thank you!
Cetec ERP Support

AS you can see in image that bank has been effected twice with same AP payment 3181.