Dropdowns include user's name twice

Not sure if this is a consistent issue, but the dropdowns include the user’s name twice. Both return the same results. Not a big error, just a little hickup.


Hi Joseph,

Excited to see you and your team on the forum! Thanks for letting us know about this. Just to validate; are you using the most recent version of Google Chrome? If you’re on a different web browser (safari, firefox, etc.) or an old version of Chrome, you may experience some wonky UI.

Also, what page are you seeing this?

Thank you!
The Cetec Team

Using newest Brave. But have same result using newest Chrome. This is in the PQuote List.

Ah! Ok, I see that on my end as well. I’ll toss this over to my engineering team for a fix.

Also, Brave is not a supported web browser, and you may see some odd behavior/inconsistency with the interface if you continue to use Brave.

Chrome is the only supported web broswer.