Error when trying to import GL entries

I am trying to import GL entries as I do weekly and I keep getting this error. I cannot figure out what we have done differently or if this is because of the upgrade that happened today. There is an external ID on the spreadsheet and a date. I have been doing this for months every week with the same spreadsheet without a problem. Let me know what you think it could be. I tried a few different things, but nothing seemed to work. Thanks!

**Error:**Error Posting Entry No External Source Provided or Found! (id given: )

Hi @kellym!

We’re going to dig in to this for you and see if we can figure out what’s happening. I’m going to send you a message here to get some additional information so we can try to get to the bottom of it.


After you sent us that sheet, our engineers were able to reproduce and correct this issue. The fix is in the process of getting validated and should be on it’s way to your environment soon.

Thanks for bringing this one to our attention!

Thank you so much!!