Estimated Labor not flowing to Labor Reporting data

we don’t get any time in our labor reporting for Estimates. We get actual data in Prod>Mgmt>“View Work” perfectly! I spoke with someone a few months ago and it was determined possibly because we Estimate like this:Location A, B, C and D

But we charge labor to the job like this:
Work Location E, F, A, and G

I just don’t understand why we wouldn’t get ANY labor in our Estimated Data when we do clock into A

@steve Just to clarify a bit:
Are you saying that your labor totals aren’t being totalled correctly on the actual orders?
Where are you viewing the estimates and charged labor?
Can you provide an example?

In the Prod>MGMT>View WORK screen we get NO Estimated Labor data.

I DO see Estimated Labor come through on the Invoice>Labor Variance report, but it doesn’t give the detail we need to address questions and problems like View Work does

I was just told that if we add a clock in to the Build Operation on top of clocking into the Work Location (and add some number of pieces) Est Labor will show up on View Work but it would be very difficult to implement that.

Is there any way to get that granular level Estimate labor detail other than completely changing how people clock into orders?

Just to clarify, you’re wanting something akin to the View Work screen, but that would also include estimated labor?

Or can you elaborate on what the report you’re looking for would contain?

yes the existing View Work screen would definitely work–thank you

@steve -

Each row in the “View Work” report is a single time entry.

So, it seems like what you are asking about… is for a single time entry in the View Work report to have a corresponding estimated amount of time for that single time entry.

Thus, the obvious question is… how do you estimate a certain amount of time for a single time entry onto a work order.

Recall that any user may log any amount of time at any work location, as many times as they want, at any time they want, on any work order. So, how do you know what the time estimate was for any particular given arbitrary amount of time logged onto a work order?

The current column puts some parameters around what this arbitrary estimate could be, in other words, “rules”.

First, it takes the estimated average amount of time for a single operation on a work order. To calculate this average, it sums up the total amount of estimated labor time across a work location and divides that by the total number of repetitions of Build Operations specified (i.e. estimated) at that work location on that labor plan.

Then, because a single build operation at a single work location could theoretically build n number of finished units, we then take ^that value and multiply it by the total number of pieces logged as completed within a particular Start > Stop time segment. This represents the estimated amount of time that a certain Time Segment (for a certain Build Operation at a certain Work Location for a certain n number of pieces produced) theoretically “should” have taken to complete.

Do you understand, because each row in the View Work report represents an arbitrary time segment (for n units produced), and so there have to be some agreed upon assumptions around how the Estimate for that time segment is derived (so that you can know how to compare it to the actual time on the time segment). I want to make sure the reasoning makes sense to you here.

So, in your case, you’re asking how to get a certain “granular level” of estimated labor populated in a column to compare against any given time segment of labor for a work order.

The question back to you is: How granular? And how should that granularity be defined? How would you derive it in such a way that would be meaningful to compare against the time segment being logged?

Eager to hear your feedback on this, and hopefully we this becomes a notch we can grab and climb toward a solution together.

Thanks for your patience.