Excel Export not working

When trying to export anything to excel this morning, I get an “Excel document”, but when I try to open said document, I get an error from Microsoft Office saying “ALERT: Excel cannot open the file XXXX because the file format or file extension is not valid…”

I had no issues with downloading excel files until this morning, May 12th. Everyone in our company is having the same issue.

Hi @PaulPerger

Thanks for reaching out about this!
Our engineering team is actively working to correct a server issue that arose this morning.
We’ll check in with you once that’s taken care of to make sure you’re all set.

@PaulPerger That server issue has been resolved, and you should be good to go.
Let us know if you continue to experience similar issues.


Hope you haven’t run into any further issues. Let us know if so.

Cetec ERP Support