Explanation of Error on Production Order Build

We’re trying to figure out what is causing this error. It’s just started yesterday and not sure if it has anything to do with 3.11 update…

It seems as if there’s more steps required to commit a production build order in 3.11?

@regisphilbin It’s difficult to tell in that screenshot, because the error is covering the relevant fields, but it’s indicating that there is no customer or vendor set for each of those sub-order lines.

This is a build to stock, or intercompany order. Having the “Build?” column for each line set to know means the system is going to try to pull each of those components from stock. either way, build or stock, each sub-order here requires an internal customer and vendor to be set so that the system can process the necessary transactions to complete the top-level assembly.

Can you confirm whether or not the lines for the order from your screenshot had the customer and vendor set?