Forecast & MRP Problems

I have a few forecast/MRP related issues:

  1. I’ve turned on forecast in the config settings (Show Forecast and Include Forecast for MRP). But I can’t find the tool anywhere in the menus.
  2. I created a forecast item (by going directly to the forecast/overview URL). It has recursive BOM and Build. It doesn’t show up in the MRP.
  3. The Forecast Waterfall also doesn’t include any sub-top-item details.

I have a feeling that there’s something obvious I’m missing, but the docs are little sketchy.



Hi @jcox,

If it is not showing up in the menu can you log out then log back in to see if it appears? I set up a test case when turning this config on and this ended up being the issue. Please let me know if this works or if you have any other issues.

Cetec ERP

It worked! But it exposed another issue… The forecast revealed that a disgruntled employee seems to have placed internal warehouse transfers for trillions of dollars in goods (we aren’t using the accounting function and so didn’t see it). The MRP is thus polluted with these huge orders. I tried to zero them out (or at least 1 them out). But I still have traces in certain areas. In the below case, there are no orders, no quotes, no sales history and yet… Will this just refresh on a daily basis or something?

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