Forecast MRP

We have a number of BOM part numbers for which we have forecasts established:

However, when we refresh MRP, although these BOM parts are showing up, their sub-components are not showing up in MRP to place on order.

Example part: Cetec ERP

It’s BOM components are not showing up in MRP. Please see the following link to the exported report. Please help us fix this issue or let us know what we’re doing wrong.

Hey Steven,

Thanks for reaching out to Cetec support regarding this question with MRP and forecasting! I’ve looked into some things for you (specifically the forecasts themselves) and noticed a few changes that need to be made in order to have sub-components show up on MRP.

Here’s a link to the forecast I was checking into and used as an example for the below POI: Cetec ERP

  1. Under the actual forecasts themselves it looks like the ‘Recursive BOM’ checkbox hasn’t been checked (this is what shows those sub-components on the forecast and MRP report). You’ll need to navigate to each of those forecasts and select that checkbox.

  2. I also noticed that all of the forecasts that have been created are set as a ‘Stock’ trans code which will grey out/block the ability to select the ‘Recursive BOM’ checkbox.

Give the above options a try and let me know if that gives you the ability to view the sub-components on your MRP report!

Cetec ERP Support

Thank you for the response. We’ve made the corrections accordingly but, even after refreshing the MRP, not all the sub-components show on the results. Would this be because there is enough inventory on-hand that is not allocated to cover the demand of the forecast? If so, and if that on-hand quantity is then allocated, would the forecast demand then show up on MRP after a refresh?

I’m still waiting for a response to my questions from last week.


Sorry for the delay in response on this. Yes, if you have enough inventory available to cover the forecast it should not display on the MRP report as it is not needing to be purchased. If the Qty drops below the threshold of the forecast demand it will then trigger a signal on the MRP report.

Let us know if you have further questions.