Freight Currency

We’ve got Customer defaults and Sale Order resale currency set to USD.

Freight Price on order 1129.1 and 1124.1 is correctly pulling through as USD but Freight Cost is showing as EUROS.

I didn’t see anything in the settings or configurations that would setup a mixed currency situation like this. For GAAP accounting purposes, we need consistent currencies (USD in the case of these orders).

Hi @Greg,

Is it only these two invoice/invoices for this customer that you’re seeing this issue with?

Seems like it from what i see when i dig around.

Thanks, we’ll look in to this further for you and get back to you about it when we can.

A couple of things here @Greg:

  1. We found one more invoice that appears to have the same issue, 581.1-1

  2. We did some testing and investigation. At this point it is unclear to us what might have caused the difference in currency. If you’re able to provide any insight into what might have been unique about those three orders that may help us understand the root cause, we’re happy to continue investigating. Otherwise, the best plan is to continue monitoring new invoices as you move forward, and let us know ASAP if you see it happen again.

  3. Our engineers can run a quick script on the 3 affected invoices to correct the Freight Cost Currency. We went ahead and ran it in your beta environment to test. If you can validate that everything appears correct with those 3 invoices there, we can go ahead and run it in production as well with your approval.


Thank you @cetecerp13 Beta-site looks good, so please run the script in our live environment. We will have our hosted, live environment server down for maintenance on Friday from 11am to 1pm Pacific, so please run outside of those hours.

This has been completed in your production environment. Please let us know if you notice any problems with those invoices, or if you see other new invoices that have the same problem.