How do I replace part on Sales Order

I’d like to replace line items #1 and 2 on this sales order (/order/AE4480.1/edit) with line item # 4. Since this order was placed, we’ve created new PN# that combines line #1 and 2 into line #4 and would like to sell using this PN#.

I don’t see a way to delete lines 1 or 2. When I try to “Zero” out the quantity (hoping that would remove the line), it tells me that I should “delete” the line …but I’m not sure how…

found it- Go to “Close Line/All” on the left side menu and select specific line to be deleted…


Thank you for reaching out to us about this! We are glad you were able to find the link to delete those extra lines. Both Orders and Purchase Orders there is a ‘Close Line/All’ & ‘Delete Line/All’ respectively. These will be how you could remove lines from open orders/POs without needing to adjust the Qty open on the line.

Best Regards,
Cetec Support