How to Change Labor Plan


Is there a way to create multiple labor plans for a specific part so that we can keep the one that we want while creating the work order. For instance, sometimes we make a particular part in-house and sometimes we outsource the same part or just one portion of labor so, how can we create a work order that reflects the labor plan without having to change the labor plan all the times.

@vaibhav -

Two options for this.

1- you could create two separate revs of the same part. On one rev, set the labor plan to be one way and the other rev set the labor plan to be done the other way. When you order, choose the rev in accordance with which labor plan you want to enact.

2- you could have a default labor plan. Then, after creating the work order, if you wanted to adjust that labor plan in any way, you could drill into the work order, select maint/etc[+] >> labor plan mgmt and adjust the work order-specific labor plan for that particular work order.

Hope this helps, thank you!

We can use the option 1 (i.e. creating separate revisions) however, it becomes complicated when the part already have a few revisions as per the customer and they would like to see those revisions mentioned on their order acknowledgments, packing slips and invoices so that they would know that they have received the correct parts.

Haven’t tried this yet but can you do something like this? It seems like the naming field of the Revision is quite flexible and would allow you to create structure in the revision name.

For example, there might be a Labor plan associated with 000 related to Repairing damages or another for a specific type of re-work…

Any reason why this wouldn’t work?