Hyperlinks for order lines no longer consistent

Apparently prior to the last Cetec update anywhere you would see a hyperlink for an order with a line number you could click on the line number portion of the hyperlink and it would take you specifically to the Workorder screen for that line (for example Part>Sales>Orders). Now there are some screens where that does not operate the same way (for example. the waterfall - it takes you to Sales>Orders) and you have to navigate to the line number and click that to go specifically to open the Workorder screen for the correct line.

Hi Robin,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. A lot of times these pages are developed with some backend logic in mind. In this case it could be that the workload behind the scenes would create some sort of unknown bottleneck somewhere.

That said, it does make a lot of sense that the waterfall and other pages should be able to link to the line level workorder somehow. We’re going to have our engineers take a look and see if 1) something changed from a previous version that altered the behavior of the links and 2) if theres a way that functionality could be adjusted or added back in.

We’ll try to update you if we get back any more information from them.