invoice report not listing invoice dates

When I go to sales, then invoice list, put in todays date for invoicing or any dates for invoicing, then hit submit. When I export the report, I get a report that shows invoicing but no longer shows the invoice date. It shows N/AT where the invoice dates should be. It used to have the invoice date in the column. Here is the link:


Strange. When I went in to take a look, the dates were showing up for me. I’m going to test again in a different environment to see if I can reproduce what you’re seeing.

In the meantime, if you click the blue “Use New Version” link in the report header and run the report again, do the dates show up?

Cetec ERP Support

I did more testing, and was still able to see the invoice dates, even in the old version of the list. Are you still unable to see them? If so, can you walk me through the steps you took when running the report? For example, did you sort the report by clicking on one of the column headers?

Cetec ERP Support

Thank you, I cant work on this until Monday and I will advise, our Cetec is down today for maintenance. I will get back to you on Monday.

I think this just corrected itself. Early this morning it was not working. Now it is. Thanks

i get the error as well @cetecerp15

I’ve narrowed it down to “view by = line” creates error or reported date = “N/A” and “view by = header” reports valid date

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