Issue with Partial Shipments-Split Line function

Please look into the split line function to see if it is working as intended. The problem I am experiencing is that when I split the line for the quantity I need to make a partial shipment, the new split line seems to be closed and not able to be picked. We noticed the dialog has changed and that we get the same result wether we click Don’t Split Pick or Split Pick. Please advise.


Thanks for reaching out. We’ll look into this and get back with you once we have more information.

Cetec ERP Support


I went to the link that you sent over (thank you for including that screenshot). For that particular order, I think the new split line is closed and not able to be picked because the quantity in the original order was set to 0. At least that was what showed up on my end.

I tested out splitting a different order. The first time I split it, I chose “Split Picked” and the second time, I chose “Don’t Split Picked” and both times, the new split line was open and able to be picked.

If you could, check this order again and see if it works when the quantity of the original order is above 0. If not, feel free to reach out again!

Thanks, and enjoy your day,
Cetec ERP Support

Thank you for your response but it still doesn’t resolve our issue. The link below is an example of a new order we opened where we want to partially ship 600 of line 1. We went to the workorder view of line 1 and seleted Split Line from the Maint/Ect+ menu. We entered 600, clicked Split and clinked Don’t Split Picked. The result is the same as the previous order your looked at. What are we doing wrong?


So when we were looking at the order there is a few things that happen with stock orders on the pick parts screen. When a ‘Stock’ transcode line is split the ‘Ship Qty’ on the invoice/ship page with be defaulted to 0. This will prevent anything from showing on the pick parts page here for that line Cetec ERP.

After you do the split your team will then want to go into the invoice/ship page here Cetec ERP and update the ‘Ship Qty’ on the split line. Once you edit the ‘Ship Qty’ field click ‘Update’ to save that information. Once the page refreshes and you see the 600 in the Ship Qty field for that split line you can go into the pick parts page and you will see the 600 Qty needed and pick parts directly to that line.

You will want to let your team know the update in the process for stock split orders. This way they do not run into issues when doing split stock orders in the future.

Let us know if you have any questions on this process.

Cetec Support

Okay, that works. Thank you for your help.