Item with Zero QOH but Inventory Value is Positive

We have an item that has QOH = 0 but an inventory value in the Inventory Value Report of $111k. How can we clear this from both the Inventory Value Report and the General Ledger as Inventory is overstated in our Financials?

This has been resolved. The report showed only 2 decimal places in QOH and this item had a QOH that was 0.000012

Glad you got that one figured out! It’s not uncommon to run in to similar situations, where the number of decimal places is hiding information even though the system is aware of it and factoring it in.

We attempted to do an inventory adjustment to 0 for Item PRT101872, but the QOH of 0.00109844 still exists and has a Value in the GL. How can we adjust the Quantity to 0 and have the Inventory Value = $0 as well?


Not sure if it’s just a timing thing and you already sorted it out, but we’re not seeing any inventory for [your cetec url]/part/964/inventory

It does still show costing data, but that’s just based on old POs/receipts, and shouldn’t have any ledger impact. It’s just a reference and gets pulled in during quoting.

Let us know if you’re still having trouble with that one.

The item actually has a $111,371.28 value and since we have none we need to write off and take the GL hit. However, we are unable to do an inventory adjustment. Our Inventory is currently overstated and Balance Sheet is not correct.

|Prcpart Cost Qty UOM Status Net Value
PRT101872 $101,390,408.42 0.00109844 kg Active $111,371.28

Sorry for misunderstanding. We’ll investigate further and see what the best way to remove that part’s inventory value is.

Hey Tom,
A member of Engineering has sent you a DM about steps forward. Please let us know via that conversation the direction you’d like to go.