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The FAQ “What report shows daily actual procution labor values vs estimate labor values?” recommends, "PRODUCTION >> Mgmt >> Production by Workcenter (wrong name is actually called production line), PRODUCTION >> Mgmt >>Production Time By Location, and SALES >> Invoices >> Labor Variance. None of these reports seem to work. The Production time by location or by production line would be most useful but they don’t work at all.

Thanks for reaching out. I’m looking into this now and will let you know what I find out.

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I’m looking at those reports you mentioned to be sure that they are working properly. In the meantime, have you tried the Estimated vs. Actual Time report? It’s at Production > Mgmt > Est. vs Act. Time.

Does that give you the data you’re looking for?

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that is what i’m looking for except I can’t limit the search to a project. The prcpart search in Est vs Act doesn’t seem to allow partial search (A)a22001 doesn’t work but (A)A22001-P33-106 does). I’d like to search for information for a monthly est vs act but there isn’t a refined feature that allows that in the est vs act report.

In prod>orders>order list I can search partial prcpart info, example (a)a22001, to find all the parts from the project or i could use the customer po, which is a unique number, and this has EST and ACT columns.

Hi, again,

I’ve been looking at this, and what I’m wondering is, are you using the “projects” feature in Cetec, or when you’re referring to a “project” is that synonymous with an order? I just want to make sure I’m on the same page as you.

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Originally I posted to show production>mgmt>production by production line and production>mgmt>production time by location doesn’t seem to work. I can’t get any results to show.

Then I utilized Est vs Act as recommended, however, that report doesn’t have search features that allow me to focus on the information in a given project. To answer your questions, yes I am referencing the projects feature in Cetec which is composed of numerous orders. I would like to have a total for labor on a project each month. I pointed out that Est vs Act prcpart search doesn’t seem to allow for a partial search like i am able to do in the production>orders>order list which allows me to prcpart search (a)a22001, which is the project “code”. I mentioned i could also search by PO in order list which would provide all parts in that project.

Thanks for that info. I’m with you now that your main goal is to see the total for labor on a project each month. Let me go from there and see what kind of solution I can find for you.

Thank you.

Hi, again,

In going back to those original reports you asked about (Production by Production Line, Production Time By Location, and Labor Variance), I’m curious to know whether you guys have logged time to the orders you’re trying to look at?

Since you asked about projects, I went to look at any projects that have orders attached to them. I found this one: /project/1/orders

However, when I dug into the order (5.1) associated with this project and looked at the first two lines, I didn’t see work logged to those workorders, which is why the reports would be showing no results.

Was there another project you were looking at? Any links and screenshots you can send over will help me out!

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I’ve been using production>orders>production order list- I type in the project code (a)A22001 portion of the part number. This allows me to find all the parts for the project.

Project 3 specifically.

However, the original question is regarding the reports, production>mgmt>production by workcenter and production>mgmt>production time by location.

I guess if you are having a problem determining if we have logged work hours that is the crux of the issue. We would like to report the hours logged.


Thanks for giving me the specific project you’re wanting to look at; that helps a lot. Otherwise, I’m just guessing, and may look at an example that has no labor attached to it (as I did)! Specifics are always useful.

I went back to your main question–How can I see the total for labor on a project each month?–and consulted with our team.

In terms of seeing total labor for the project, you can go to the project edit screen and look in the Accrued section. For example, /project/3/edit..

However, I know you were wanting to see those labor values by month, and in the discussion with the team, we aren’t aware of a current way to do that. I’m going to look into this some more for you.

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I just checked in with our project management team and they recommended putting this option in as a potential future development in the software. The idea would be to add a “Project” search field to the View Work report (Production > Mgmt > View Work).

However, if you want to put in a request to prioritize that work and are willing to invest in that work being done, I can see if they’d be willing to take on the project now. Otherwise, that Accrued section that already exists on the project edit screen will get you the project’s labor totals.

Just let me know if you’re wanting to request a development project or not and I’ll go from there.

Either way, have a good rest of your day,
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Production time by location is displaying nothing

I think there are adequate reports with adequate fields that we don’t need to add another field. I do however wish that the reports and fields worked as intended. As I pointed out, Production>>Mgmt>>Production Time By Location, seems to be a broken report.

Hi, again,

Our team has been talking internally about these reports, and I received some more information to share with you:

The reports Production by Work Center and Production by Work Location only show data for invoiced orders with time logged. They then compare that time logged to the estimate in the BOM labor plan.

The three orders that are closed that have time logged to them were not invoiced - Cetec ERP

So we would not expect to see any data there until orders are invoiced or complete/received. None of those reports will show data without invoices against the orders.

A question came up: Can you tell me more about how you are closing orders? Our team was seeing a lot of deleted orders, and only one complete/received (invoiced) order.

Well work on getting our orders closed and invoiced. Thanks for the information.

Sounds good. Let us know if you need further help on this.

Enjoy your day,

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