Large Buttons and Missing Colors

We have a few users who have extra large buttons on multiple screens and on the quote screen, the OK/OK& Add buttons are missing the orange color. Strange thing is it’s only affecting a few users and not everyone. Everyone is using the same version of Chrome and using same size resolution. Any other ideas as to why this might be?

***Correction. This seems to only be affecting the people who are running the latest version of Chrome. Version 92.0.4515.107

@Andy Thanks for verifying the Chrome version there! We’ll have our engineering team take a look at this, and try to get it resolved ASAP.


We have noticed exactly the same thing - just in the last day or two. We are running the same version of Chrome here.

We also have the same issue. Large buttons, unformatted screens i.e. radio buttons miles away from their intended locations etc…
Again I can confirm same version of Chrome.

Our engineering team is currently working on correcting some of the UI issues that have resulted as part of the Chrome update. We appreciate you all confirming that you’re also experiencing problems, and we will get a fix for them all pushed out as quickly as we can.



Just confirming that my google chrome browser updated mid-day today and I see the same issue as described in this initial post…

Version 92.0.4515.107