License Plate

So when I go to the license plate on and order that was built to stock I am only seeing a blank page. I cannot see who completed the work.

Hey Steve,

That seems odd that you’re only seeing a blank page on the license plate that you’re generating for that order. Could you provide me a link to that specific order or license plate you’re generating so I can compare that to one in a backup environment? An order number would also suffice!

Cetec ERP Support


Hey Steve,

Looking at the Full Order Plate on a ‘Closed’ order it’s blank because that order information has been moved from that specific closed order to the invoicing stage of Cetec ERP. That’s why that page is blank when you try to load that license plate… that data is no longer pulling from the order.

  • I’m looking at the order you provided (Cetec ERP)

If you’re trying to view who completed the work on a workorder (or stock order) I’d advise to navigate to the specific workorder line on the order, click into the History tab of the workorder and that’ll provide information on the workorder of who completed what at what stage.

Let me know if you have any further questions on this topic.
Cetec ERP Support