Long load times to populate pricing/ lead time on parts in quote

I am seeing long load times when adding parts to a quote. Is there anything we can do to speed this up?


I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing long load times. That’s always frustrating! I tested this on my end, creating a quote and adding parts both by typing directly into the line fields and also by using the “Add Line” button. I tried both as the Cetec Support user and under your profile. I wasn’t able to reproduce the long load time. So I want to get more information from you to see if we can narrow this down:

  1. You mentioned pricing/lead times. Is there a specific field that seems to slow down the process?
  2. Are other users experiencing this on their computers as well?
  3. Are you using the latest version of Chrome?
  4. Have you tried clearing the cache on your computer?

Sorry for all of the questions. I figure it does no good to just tell you I’m not seeing the problem on my end; I’d like to identify what’s causing the issue if we can.

Cetec ERP Support